Symptoms of Inner Peace

  1. Frequent attack of smiling.
  2. Frequent overwhelming episodes of Appreciation.
  3. Loss of interest in Judging other people.
  4. Loss of ability to Worry.
  5. Tendency to act based on Hope rather than on fear.
  6. Ability to Enjoy Each Moment.
  7. Ability to Give & Receive Love { in-spite of life’s problems}.
  8. Sharing whatever little you have with people having less in life.

Simple ways of inner peace . 

Once you follow any of these you will get closer & closer to the best feeling of relaxation & inner bliss .
Sometimes you have more but because you do not have inner peace you feel you have nothing .
Sometimes you have nothing but because you have inner hope , peace you are the most satisfied person in this world .

Inner peace is the most precious .

What gives you true inner peace ?